The Importance of being Loose

on Thursday, 16 August 2012.

Exploring Aspects of Personal and Business Development

The Importance of being Loose




‘In fact it is what we think of as problems, adversities and disappointments that provide the growth points in our lives and give us the impetus to progress. The stimulus of problems is what makes us alive.’         Forster, M. How to Make Your Dreams Come True

The aim of this blog is to explore aspects of personal and business development - particularly with reference to flying, creativity and decision-making. I’ll be covering a number of aspects of flying, creative and decision making wisdom; many of which I’ve been discovering or exploring via Impetus: the decision project - oriented towards interventions and effective decision improvement. I’ll also be posing on organisational and business development; the aim being the advent of a boutique consultancy and set of interventions to help with those in need of new decision making perspectives and transformation.

The past few months have been an object lesson in the power of looseness and flexibility for me. A combination of prolonged aircraft serviceability, ‘variable’ weather and commitments which needed to be fitted in and around the diaries of very busy people have meant that no plan went unchanged, and the many changes were unplanned!

The least of these was my first actual engine failure in a powered aircraft (not the Pitts) of which perhaps more in a later blog – suffice to say that the practice decision making came to the fore, momentarily. The Pitts came back on line with the early March weather, a happy and unusual conjunction. Practice started in earnest. And then a number of those people whom I’ve been pursuing for my decision making project became available in and around London in the week preceding Easter. Game on for even further flexibility to already flexible plans – my observation being that effective decision makers have plans and goals, but are happy to approach these obliquely in uncertain times. The interviews all went very well. One of the interviewees had come from Italy to do DIY, and another had just flown a plane across the Atlantic and was jet lagged, two I’d never met before and were fantastically helpful, and one I hadn’t seen for 5 years - we ended up with a 3 hour session, at the India Club in the Strand. All of which has led to an eclectic, and rich field of dialogues, from which to develop this work.

On reviewing the recordings I find the gold that I’ve been seeking these months and years; and the MBA dissertation that I will submit month, is coalescing into something with more solid outcomes. So, over then next few weeks I will be interleaving writing with business development (including new website and blog), with flying intermediate aerobatic practice, aerobatic instructing and with staying sane/fit.

The intention is that these disciplines should cross-fertilize and energize each other. The learning will be in the experience, the feedback, and the inevitable character building experiences.

The learning journey starts here!

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